Austria is the 4th richest country in the European union. Austrian capital vienna has rich history and one of the most important cities in Europe. Austria a full EU member state.  Austria is most developed country, excellent high living standards, health care system and transport network. The currency is Euro.  Austria is famous for winters ski resorts,  and  service sector generating the vast majority of Austria’s GDP.


Investment Name

Business Investment

Minimum Investment

€200,000 to €100 million

Austria has no statutory provisions on the granting of visas to investors and therefore no threshold amounts for such investments.

Qualifying Investments

Business investment by starting a Austrian company and generating jobs

Visa Type

C visa / D visa / Residence permit

Permanent Residency

After 5 years

Austrian Citizenship

After 10 years through naturalization.

Austria has also provisions in citizenship law  Art. 10 (6) granting citizenship to exceptional people who make a significant contribution to Austria (e.g $100 million economic investment).

Austria VAT


Dual Citizenship