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Golden Investor Visa

Permanent residency and Citizenship


Spanish golden visa program has minimum investment amount of €250,000 in real estate


Greek golden visa program has minimum real estate investment of €250,000


New Moldova Citizenship by Investment scheme for EUR 100,000


Portugal Golden visa has minimum real estate investment of €300,000.


Malta passport program for foreign entrepreneurs cost will come around € 1 million. No requirement to live in Malta.


Cyprus passport program has € 2.5 million euro real estate investment. No requirement to live in Cyprus.


Latvia investor visa program has minimum € 250,000 real estate investment. PR after 5 years of residence.


Belgium Business Residency program has minimum € 300,000 investment. Zero residency requirements. Passport after 5 years.

What is a Golden visa?

Governments of various countries grant immediate permanent residency and citizenship to foreign investors against a significant investment in real estate, business capital. No requirement to live in the country after making the investment. The minimum investment is no less than $250,000 but can go upto $10 million depending on the size of investment and the country. The processing times by most countries are from 1 week to 2 months. There is a great demand for european golden visa programs from investors coming from Middle East (UAE), Asia and Africa.


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