Golden Investor Visas (GIV)  is a neutral platform for information on citizenship and residency solutions. We work with the trusted experts in the field worldwide offering professional services.


We only assist clients with minimum USD 100,000 or more.


NOTE: At present we assist clients  ONLY in the countries listed below.


  • Citizenship / Passport  – Antigua ($100,000), St Kitts ($150,000), Grenada ($150,000), St Lucia ($100,000),  Montenegro (€350,000), Malta (€900,000) , Cyprus (€2m), Turkey ($100,000), Dominica ($100,000), Vanuatu ($130,000), Bulgaria ($1m)


  • Golden Visa / Residency – Portugal (€350,000), Malta (€150,000 financing), Greece (€250,000), Germany(€300,000), Netherlands (€1,250,000), Ireland (€500,000), Spain(€500,000), Canada Quebec ($265,000 financing), United States ($900,000), United Kingdom(£2m), Australia ($1.5m), New Zealand ($3m)


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