Italy is the third largest economy in the euro zone and major regional power in Europe.  The country has Mediterranean coastline in southern Europe. Italy is a major hotspot of foreign direct investment in Europe.  Italian is widely spoken and the currency is Euro. Italian law openly welcomes significant foreign investment in the country and self-employed persons, including entrepreneurs, may be granted a temporary residence permit depending on the entrepreneurial activities.

Investment name

Business investment

Minimum Investment

€500,000 (golden visa)

Qualifying investments

  • Business Investment done through a new or existing italian company in real estate, automotive, tourism, construction, marine, food processing, textile and Information technology sectors.
  • Real estate investment €500,000 or more

Visa type

Temporary residence permit / C business visa / D visa

Processing time

1 month

Residence requirements


Permanent residence

After 5 years of living

Italian citizenship

After 10 years in total