Moldova is a small and densely populated country, which shares its borders with Romania and Ukraine. Moldova is open to economic investment in various local sectors and food & beverages is a major industry. The country has signed free trade agreements with over 40 countries including the EU member states. Moldova is in top 20 countries in the world for average Internet connection speed and the country is connected 96% with 3g/4g network. The local currency is Leu and Moldova’s proximity to the Black Sea gives it a mild and sunny climate.

Investment name

Economic citizenship program 2018 (MCBI)

Minimum investment

EUR 100,000

Qualifying investments


Dual nationality



The Republic of Moldova has opened a new economic citizenship scheme aiming to attract foreign investors who invest a certain amount of money  in Moldovan economy will be granted fast track citizenship.

Investors and family also qualify for Moldovan passport which allows visa free travel to the EU.

Moldova is a landlocked country in eastern europe with a 4 million population, pursues actively for EU membership. The country does not participate in the schengen zone, but Moldova passport is a valuable passport with visa free travel to United Kingdom,  Europe, Russia and 121 countries. The service sector has grown to dominate Moldova’s economy and currently composes over 60% of the nation’s GDP.

Moldova member state of the UN, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the World Trade Organization, and many more.

  • Citizenship in country from Eastern europe
  • Lifetime citizenship extended to future generations of family and children
  • ‘No residency requirements, language tests or business skills (purely investment)
  • Fast processing times (3 months)
  • All citizens are entitled to Moldovan passport
  • Visa free access to 121 countries in the world including Europe, Schengen area, Russia, Turkey etc..
  • Strict due diligence and vetting process proposed for Moldova CBI
  • Cheapest CBI schemes for second passport.


Passport by investment

The official qualifying investments for citizenship in Moldova are

Contribution to the Public Investment Fund for Sustainable Development – EUR 100,000 for 5 years

Moldova has developed a four-tier due diligence system, which is considered the most thorough in the world for this kind of program. All applicants must have good economic and financial reputation, free from criminal record, fraud, malpractice, financial fraud or indemnities and poses no risk to Moldova,.

There are additional due diligence fee, government fee and service.

The processing time is 3 months.

To qualify for citizenship by investment in Moldova and investments have to maintained for 60 months.

It is estimated that as many as 5,000 foreign investors will receive moldovan citizenship under the economic citizenship scheme.