Montenegro is a beautiful European country (non-schengen) with beautiful mountains, lakes, canyons and seas in the coastline of adriatic sea. Montenegro offers a wide range of investment opportunities in the field of tourism, construction and real estate development. Under foreign investment law,  foreigners are free to start a local company and distribute its profits. Tourism, Construction and Real estate are great investment options in Montenegro.  Free trade zones setup by Government, exempt business from custom duties and other taxes. The country has low tax rates and the currency is Euro. Montenegro flat personal and corporate tax rates of 9%.

Investment name

New Special Citizenship by Investment Program

Minimum Investment

  • €250,000 (real estate) or €450,000  (business or real estate in approved government developments).
  • Additional €100,000 application fee.
  • Scheme opens in Nov/Dec 2018

Qualifying Investments

  • Real estate
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • others

Visa type

Permanent residency + Citizenship

Processing time

3 month

Permanent residency

3 weeks

Montenegro citizenship

6 months

Dual nationality