Greece is a schengen member and EU state.  Greece is a well developed country and has excellent transport connections. The economy of greece is based on service sector, tourism, energy. Tourism in Greece accounts 16% of GDP. The currency is Euro and the country has warm Mediterranean climate. Recently the greek economy faced a setback because of high debts, desperately needed the help of EU funds to recover.

Investment Name:

Greece investor visa by real estate acquis (Law 4146/2013)
Greece Strategic investment visa

Minimum Investment:

  • €250,000 in residential real estate
  •  € 3 million to 100 million euro under strategic investment creating 150 jobs in appropriate sector

Visa Type:

D visa or Permanent Residence permit valid upto 5 years, which allows

  • Stay continuously in Greece for its whole duration
  • Travel to other Schengen countries without a visa, but his/her stay in those countries cannot exceed 90 days in each 6month period.
  • Access to health or education services, just like any Greek citizen.
  • Family can apply together.

Residency Requirements

No minimum stay requirements.

Permanent Residency:


Greek citizenship

After 7 years


No taxes apply if unless you live in greece more than 6 months.

Greece VAT


Dual Citizenship