Latvia is a baltic EU member state. The country is also a member of schengen agreement. The currency is Euro. Latvia has cheap very affordable costs of living compared to other european countries. Latvia has extreme cold weather in winter and cool summers. The main industry in Latvia is processed foods, textiles, machinery and equipment. The currency is Euro. Latvia has good real estate market in the capital Riga. Latvian and russian are widely spoken languages in the country.

Investment Name

Latvia golden visa

Minimum Investment


Qualifying Investments

  • €50,000 business capital investment + €10,000 state fee + €20,000 processing fee
  • €250,000 in real estate + 5% state fee
  • €200,000 in business investment in a latvian company
  • €300,000 bank deposit in a latvian bank.

Visa type:

D visa, Temporary EU Residence Permit (schengen)

Residency Requirements


Permanent Residency

After 5 years of uninterrupted living

Latvian Citizenship

After 10 years

Dual Citizenship


Latvia VAT


Latvia Taxes

Unless you live in Latvia for more than 180 days.