Albania is situated in south eastern balkan peninsula surrounded by Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro. Albania is the gateway to the balkans for trade. The country is known for castles, archeaolgy and resorts.  The currency is Lek (ALK) which is approx 125 ALK per USD. The main industry in albania is perfumes and cosmetics, food and tobacco products. Albania has the second largest oil deposits in the Balkans (after Romania) and the largest onshore oil reserves in Europe.


Investment Name

Independent economic activity

Minimum Investment

€100,000  business investment in new or existing albanian company.

Qualifying Investments

Business investment in Real Estate, Energy, Tourism, Manufacturing, Information Technology

Visa Type

Type “B/I”, for investors based on independent economic activity or Residence permit.

Permanent Residency

After 5 years

 Albania Citizenship

Continuous residence in Albania for 5 years.

 Albania passport

Albania passport allows visa free travel to EU schengen countries. Visa required for UK and USA.


Dual Nationality


Albania VAT