Estonia is well developed, advanced northern european country. Estonia is EU member state and also a part of schengen zone. Estonia ranks very high in freedom, liberties and press. Talinn is the capital the primary currency is Euro. Main industries are engineering, electronics and wood products.  Estonian has introduced  e-Residency is a digital identity that allows everyone in the world to do business online with ease. Estonia has an investment-friendly taxation system, with transparent and functioning legislation. Estonia has 4 free trade which are open to direct foreign investment.

Investment Name

Business Investment

Minimum Investment


Qualifying Investments

  • Establish a new Estonian company or existing one and create jobs.
  • Foreign direct investment in free trade zones.
  • €1 million or more qualifies Investors for permanent residence.

Visa type

C visa / D visa / Temporary Residence permit for Business

Permanent Residency

After 5 years of living

Estonian Citizenship

After 8 years legally living.

Dual nationality