New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful and well developed country with economy dominated by the exports of dairy products, meat and wine, along with tourism. The country has close ties and trade with Australia. New Zealand has high income open economy that works on free market principles. New Zealand has export-driven competitive economy with exports accounting for over 40% of GDP.

Investment name

NZ Investor program

Minimum investment

NZ$ 500,000

Qualifying investments

  1. NZ$ 500,000 entrepreneur visa
  2. NZ$ 1.5 million Investor+ (must hold for 4 years)
  3. NZ$ 10 million Investor (must hold for 3 years)

must be invested in

  • Equity in NZ firms, public or private. An equity investment can be active or passive and direct or via managed funds (only the proportion of the Fund that is invested in NZ is counted as acceptable)
  • Bonds, issued by the NZ Government, NZ local authorities or approved NZ banks, finance companies or firms
  • New residential property development that is not for the investor’s personal use and designed to make a commercial return on the open market.

Visa type

New Zealand Residence visa

Residency requirements

You must spend in NZ atleast

  • 44 days per year Investor+ scheme
  • 146 days per year under Investor scheme

Permanent residence

After 2 years of living


After 5 years through naturalization