Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is mountainous country in the Balakan peninsula. The country has high literacy, education and life expectancy. The currency used konvertibilna marka (BAM) and the country capital is Sarajevo and is one of the fastest developing cities in the region. Bosnia has favorable business environment, educated labour force, low taxes with various bilateral free trade agreements. Bosnia is one of the top competitive growing economies in the south east europe. The Government supports various investment through Free Trade Zones (FTZ).

Investment Name

Foreign Direct Investment

Minimum Investment


Qualifying investments

Law on the Policy of Foreign Direct Investments of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of B&H, 17/98, 13/03, 48/10 and 22/15), foreign investors may own an entity and are freely entitled to invest in the following sectors and create jobs. Foreign investors may also freely hold real estate.

  • Metal industry
  • Service sector
  • Real estate
  • Textile
  • Oil and Energy
  • Electronics
  • Tourism
  • Research & Innovations

Visa type

Short stay visa C visa/ Long stay D visa / Residence permit

Processing Time

1 month

Permanent residency

After 5 years of living.

B&H Citizenship

After 8 years of living

Dual Citizenship