St Lucia

St lucia is an eastern caribbean nation located on the south east coast of North America.  The key sectors in the country is tourism, offshore financial services and agriculture. Saint Lucia’s growing and resilient economy provides the environment for companies to finance, build, and operate infrastructure assets.  Saint Lucia’s rich biodiversity, tropical climate, stable and efficient regulatory environment, intellectual property protection and skilled English speaking workforce make the country ideal destination for foreign investments in infrastructure development. The country recently enacted provisions in citizenship law, granting immediate citizenship to foreign investors who invest in real estate, business investment in the country.


Investment name

Citizenship by investment investor scheme

Minimum investment


Qualifying investments

  • Non refundable donation option ($200,000),
  • Real estate ($300,000),
  • Government bonds ($300,000) or
  • Direct business investment ($3.5 million).

Processing time

2 months

Residency requirements


Permanent residency



Immediately issued certificate of naturalization (proof for citizenship) and passport

Dual nationality

Allowed under the program