Denmark is a scandinavian European member state. Denmark has transparency, extremely low level of corruption makes Denmark an attractive location for business activities. Denmark has the easy to setup business friendly infrastructure, highly educated labor market and has access to $1 trillion EU market.  Denmark has high quality of living standards in the Nordic.

Investment name

Business Investment

Minimum investment

€100,000 to €100 million ( no limit)

Qualifying Investments

Invest in a new or existing danish economic activity in these sectors

  • Cleantech
  • Maritime and Ship building
  • Food
  • Real estate and construction
  • Research and Technology
  • Life sciences
  • Automotive & Machinery
  • Wind Energy

Visa type

C / D / Business visa

Processing time

1 month

Residency requirements


Permanent residency

After 5 years of living

Danish Citizenship

After 9 years of uninterrupted living

Dual nationality