Turkey connects Asia and Europe strategically placed at the cross roads of these two continents, serving by air, sea and roads. The country is a highly industrialized developed nation and one of the worlds leading emerging market. The country is worlds leading producer of agri products, textiles, motor vehicles and consumer electronics. Istanbul is the capital and major cities include Ankara,  Antalya. The currency is Turkish lira. The real estate in Turkish cities are in high demand.

Investment name

  • Special foreign direct investments
  • Turkish golden visa real estate scheme (proposal pending)

Minimum investment

USD 500,000

Qualifying investments

Business foreign direct investment

  • Capital investment or share in a company or branch with minimum USD 1 million

Golden visa scheme (soon to launch)

  • Foreign investors given immediate Turkish residency or citizenship subjected to purchase of real estate worth atleast USD 500,000 to USD 1 million

Visa type

Short or long term Residence permit / Residence visa

Processing time

1 month

Permanent residency

After 8 years of living


After 5 years of uninterrupted living

Dual nationality