Hungary is an European schengen member and also connection hub of eastern europe. The hungarian capital budapest is the 7th most visited european tourist destination. The currency is hungarian forint (1 euro equals 300 approx) and has affordable cost of living.  Hungarian economy has struggled in the recent years with a slow growth especially the real estate market.

Investment Name

Hungary Guest Investor Visa (2024)

Minimum Investment

€ 250,000 (purchase of hungarian real estate shares in euro) with 5 year commitment.
€ 500,000 (Luxury real estate)

  • Live and work in Hungary
  • Fast processing
  • Freely travel in schengen countries
  • Family application
  • Visit hungary only once to receive PR.

Qualified Investments

Hungarian Real Estate Shares approved by National bank. Real Estate purchase investment can be redeemed after 5 years, while the investor still gets to keep his permanent residency.

Visa Type:

National Permanent residence permit (valid for 10 years)

Permanent Residency


Minimum Stay Requirements


Processing Time

2 weeks


Very low (unless you live more than 6 months)

Hungarian Citizenship

After 8 years (dual citizenship allowed)

Hungary VAT


You cannot apply

You cannot apply, if you

  •  threaten the public safety or national security of Hungary;
  • expulsion or entry and stay ban, as well as SIS alert ordering entry and stay ban.
  •  declare false data or untrue facts or who deceives the authority
  •  have a criminal record and is still not exempt from the prejudices belonging to the criminal record
  • are not eligible for a national permanent residence permit.