Georgia is an eurasian country connecting eastern europe and western asia. Georgia has agriculture, mining as its main industries and imports oil and gas. Georgia has free trade regime, that has access to $1 billion market not subject to customs tax to CIS and EU countries (no customs duty on 90% import and export of goods). Georgia is politically stable, has low taxes, low corruption and seeks major economic investments. Tbilsi is the capital and largest city.

Investment name

Georgia investor visa

Minimum Investment

USD 125,000 (equaling 300,000 GEL)

Qualifying Investments

Foreign direct business investment in a Georgian entity in these sectors

  • Energy
  • Hospitality / Hotels & Resorts / Real estate
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Services

Visa type

Investment residence permit

Permanent residency

Immediate under this program

Georgia Citizenship

After 5 years of living.

Dual Nationality