Costa Rica

Costa rica is a central american country known for rainforests. Costa Rica’s literacy rate is one of the highest in Latin America and outstanding workforce. The country has tropical climate year around. The national currency is Costa rican colon. Costa rica has stable economy, with its main exports electronics, tourism and agriculture. Foreign investors are impressed by the country’s political stability and relatively high education levels, as well as the incentives offered in the free-trade zones.  Costa Rica’s rainfall, its educated population, and its strategic location in the Central American isthmus, connects  North and South American markets and direct ocean access to the European and Asian Continents.

Investment name

Investor visa

Minimum Investment


Qualifying investments

Investment must be made in ANY business or Government approved sectors.

Visa type

Temporary Residence permit

Residency requirements

90 days per year

Processing time

2 months

Permanent residency

After 3 years of living


After 7 years of living as legal resident.

Dual citizenship

Permitted for some countries including US and Canada.