Greenland is geographically situated between North America and Europe, and is a natural gateway and stepping-stone between the two continents and the American and European economies and businesses. Over 85% of the country covered with huge masses of ice. Greenland provides new opportunities for the oil minerals exploration, including major fishing and sea food industries. In order to trade and conduct business within Greenland a trading licence must be obtained from the Home Rule government administration. Greenland is a danish territory neither Greenland nor the Faroe Islands are members of the EU and they are not parties to the Schengen Agreement.

Investment name

Investment visa

Minimum investment

DKK 1 million (danish krones)

Qualifying investments

No restrictions, but primarily invested on Minerals, Arctic research, Fisheries & seafood, Water packaging plants and tourism.

Visa type

Business visa

Company registration

A company may be established either as an “aktie-selskab” (A/S – equivalent to a public limited liability
company with capital DKK 500,000) or as an “anpartsselskab” (ApS – equivalent to a private limited liability company capital DKK 125,000)


After 9 years of living (danish citizenship act)

Dual nationality