Icleand is a EU schengen member state. Iceland has high quality life and competitive fast growing economy. The Government provides various incentives for setting up businesses and trade. Iceland is a mixed economy with major industries like fisheries, ship building, manufacturing and services sector. The country is  rated as having one of the world’s highest levels of economic freedom. Iceland has member of WTO, OECD and EFTA.  Iceland has green and sustainable energy competitively priced. Iceland has free trade with China.

Investment Name

Foreign direct investment

Minimum Investment

€200,000 (no limit)

Qualifying Investments

Iceland has friendly business laws open to investments in key sectors such as:

  • Data centers (IT)
  • Chemicals
  • Life sciences
  • Green energy
  • Fishing
  • Real estate
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing

Visa type

C business visa / D long term business visa / Temporary residence permit

Processing time

1 month

Permanent residency

After 4 years of legal residence

Iceland Citizenship

After 5 years of legally living.

Dual nationality