Belgium is an open economy, top class living conditions and gateway to Europe.  The European Union headquarters is based in Brussels. Belgium is very business friendly country and is at a strategic location ideal for exports and trade. The country has affordable real estate prices compared to other neighbouring EU countries and is a leading country for Investment.  The currency is euro and Belgium is a full time membership in Europe and schengen zone. French is widely spoken in Belgium. Antwerp is widely known for diamond cutting industry. Brugges and Ghent are visited by millions of tourists every year.

Investment Name

Belgium Business Residence Program (BBRP)

Minimum Investment


Qualifying Investments

Invest in a new or existing belgian company and create jobs

Visa Type

C visa / D visa / Residence permit

Residency Requirements

No requirement to live in Belgium.

Permanent Residency

After 5 years

Belgian Citizenship

After 5 years of living through naturalization

Belgium passport

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Belgium VAT


Belgium Taxes

Belgium is a very attractive country wealthy individuals to move personal tax planning. Foreign entrepreneurs will only come under tax resident if they live more than 183 days in Belgium.

Dual Citizenship