Spain is an important south western EU state and also signatory of schengen agreement. Spain has warm climate and hot summers. The currency is Euro. Spain is major producer of olives, fruits and food products. The country has well developed transport systems and real estate is in high demand. Madrid (capital), Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Grenada are some of the important major cities in Spain. Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, is defined by Antoni Gaudí’s modernist architecture, including the Sagrada Família basilica visited by over a million tourists every year.

Investment Name

Spanish Golden Visa

Minimum Investment

Spanish Law 14/2013, allows non-EU investors to qualify for Spanish residency under the golden visa program. The following investments qualify for spanish golden visa.

– Real estate assets (€500,000)

– Shares or bank deposits (€1 million)

– Public debt (€2 million)

Visa Type:

Residence permit issued for 2 years (renewable after).

Processing time

2 to 4 weeks

Minimum Stay Requirements

No minimum stay requirements. A visit to Spain atleast once required.

Permanent Residency (PR)

After 5 years (absence of stay in spain over 6 months per year does not qualify for PR)

Spanish citizenship

After 10 years of uninterrupted residence.

Spanish passport

Spanish passport holders can visit these countries without visa.


Spanish Company Types

The common two types of companies incorporated in spain:

  • “Sociedad Limitada” –“Limited Company” (share capital €3000)
  • “Sociedad Anónima” –“Public Company” (share capital €60,000)



Taxes does not apply as long as you dont live for more than 6 months.


Spain VAT is 21%

EU VAT is charged when invoicing to Business-2-Consumer  and Business-2-Business transactions within European Union VAT system.  EU VAT is exempted when a EU registered firm quotes a valid VAT number in their invoice.  EU VAT does not apply for transactions outside EU.

For example, if VAT is 10%, Product X (from Germany) costs 100, the net amount charged to Mr.Y (France) is 110.

You cannot Apply

  • If you have visa denial to schengen countries, UK.
  • If you have past criminal record.
  • If you are a threat to safety and security of the country.
  • If you fail due diligence test
  • If you are from blacklisted country or trade embargo imposed.

Double citizenship

Spain allows dual citizenship only with spanish speaking countries (most cases renounce previous citizenship). Please check with your home country to see if double citizenship allowed.