Croatia is a beautiful country along the coast of the adriatic sea. The coastline consists of thousands of islands. Croatia is a new member of European Union, NATO, WTO and the country’s tourism is a major industry. Croatian kuna is the currency and croatian and english are widely spoken by most of the local population. The main industries are plastics, chemicals and machinery. Croatia seeks major investments in different sectors of the economy such as energy, manufacturing, real estate and automotive. Croatia has attractive investment climate, low tax regime and highly qualified and multilingual workforce in the European marketplace.

Investment Name

Foreign investors status

Minimum Investment


Qualifying Investments

Investment in Small, Medium, Large scale croatian businesses such as

  • Automotive
  • Tourism
  • Food processing
  • Logistics
  • Metals
  • Information Technology
  • Services
  • Textile
  • Energy
  • Real estate

Visa type:

D visa / C visa / Temporary Residence Permit

Processing time

2 months

Permanent Residence

After 5 years of living

Croatian Citizenship

After 10 years (of living)

Dual Citizenship