Lithuania is a small baltic EU member state bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus.  The countries has free movement of labour, capital, and trade among EU member states. Lithuania attracts foreign investors because of its low tax, skilled workforce, reliable infrastructure and rule of law. The currency is Litas and lithuanian is the national language. Lithuania has setup 2 free trade zones (FTZ) and businesses setup there are exempt from corporate taxation for its first six years, tax on dividends and real estate tax. Lithuania is also member of schengen acquis. There are over 3,000 foreign capital companies operating in Lithuania.

Investment name

Business investment

Minimum investment


Qualifying investments

Investments done through lithuanian company and generate 5 local jobs

Visa type

C business visa / D long term visa / Temporary residence permit

Processing time

1 month

Residence requirements


Permanent residency

After 5 years

Lithuanian citizenship

After 10 years

Dual nationality