South Korea

South Korea is one of the worlds fastest growing economies, has a high income market and its GDP ranks 13th in the world. The country is world’s top-10 economies in terms of foreign reserves, exports, and total trade making an attractive investment destination. Korea has Free trade agreements with over 50 countries making the country a global innovation leader trade, exports and process innovation.


Investment name

Foreign investor scheme

Minimum investment

KRW 100,000,000 (USD 100,000)

Visa type

Business investment visa (D-8)

Qualifying investments

Business setup in Korea (unrestricted sectors)

Permanent residence

  • Immediately granted to foreign investors who invested US$ 5 million in Korea
  • Granted to foreign investors after 3 years living with D8 visa with minimum US$ 500,000 investment


After 5 years of living through general naturalization

Dual nationality