Liechtenstein is a very small very wealthy country, tucked between Austria and Switzerland at the heart of Europe. The country is the biggest financial center for banking and investment funds. German is widely spoken and Liechtenstein. Vaduz is the capital and Swiss Franc is the national currency.  Liechtenstein has favorable tax system suitable for business economic activity. Tourism and banking is the main contributor economy. Liechtenstein has Double Taxation Treaties (DTT) and Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) with a range of countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the US.

Investment name

Business investment

Minimum Investment

CHF 100,000 to CHF 1 million (no limit)

Qualifying Investments

Invest in a Liechtenstein business and create jobs. No restrictions on sectors

Visa type

C visa / D visa / Residence permit

Processing time

1 month

Permanent residency

After 5 years of living

Liechtenstein Citizenship

After 30 years of living

Dual Nationality