Bulgaria is a balkan country encompassing black sea coastline. Bulgaria has borders with Greece, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Macedonia. Sofia is the capital and the currency is Bulgarian Lev which is a strong and stable currency. Bulgaria is also a member of a member of the European Union, NATO and European Council. Main industries are sectors are energy, mining, metallurgy, machine building, agriculture and tourism. Bulgaria has low tax rates such 10% personal and corporate tax and a skilled educated workforce.

Investment name

Bulgarian Immigrant Investor visa
Bulgaria Citizenship (closed in 2022)

Minimum Investment


Qualifying Investments

  • €250,000 in business entity (only temporary residency)
  • €300,000 in real estate (only temporary residency)
  • €512,000 Business capital / Government bonds (PR granted immediate)
  • €1 million Business capital / Government bonds (Citizenship after 1-2 years under fast track)

The investment amount must stay for 5 years and then refunded back with interest.

Visa type

D visa permanent residence card

Processing time

3 months

Permanent Residency


Bulgarian Citizenship

After holding PR for 1 year

Dual Citizenship