Andora is the 6th smallest principality country surrounded by Spain and France. Andora an offshore financial sector experiencing steady growth in construction, real estate, tourism. The country has good living standards, proximity to spain and france, low costs and taxation. Andorra is an innovative country in the technology fields and the country has 100% fibre optic connectivity. Euro is widely used in Andorra as defacto currency. The official language is Catalan, although Spanish, Portuguese widely spoken. Andorra is not a member of European Union and Schengen area.

Investment Name

Category C Passive Residence visa (permanent residency)
Category C Active Residence visa (permanent residency)

Minimum Investment

€50,000 deposit for Government non-interest bearing bond.

Qualifying investments

The following investment qualifies for passive residency (no work allowed)

  • Non interest bearing Government bonds €50,000 (refunded back)

The following investment qualifies for active residency (work allowed)

  • Direct foreign investment (€400,000)
  • Real estate (€400,000)
  • Portfolio investments
  • Joint investments (€400,000)

Visa Type

Visa or residence permit (work not allowed)

Permanent Residency

Usually after 10 years of prolonged residency status.

Minimum Residency Requirements

90 days

Andorra citizenship

After 17 to 20 years naturalization.

Andorra Passport

Andorra passport is one of the best travel documents in the world. No visa required to EU, UK, almost entire North America and South America.


Source: Wiki


Standard tax rate of 10% (personal, corporate)

  •  10% income tax
  •  No income tax on the worldwide income,
  •  No inheritance or gift taxes,
  •  No wealth tax,
  • No capital gains tax
  • The corporate tax in Andorra is 10%.


4% on goods and services

Dual Citizenship