Norway is a politically stable, modern and highly developed country with a small population and a very strong economy. Norway ranked 7th in the world for doing business with ease. Norway is a member of schengen agreement but not a member of European Union.  Norway’s main industries are oil & gas, sea food, shipping, R&D activities. Norway is also the most expensive country in the world with soaring real estate prices. The main currency is norwegian kroner NOK.

Investment name

Business investment

Minimum investment

€100,000 (no limits)

Qualifying investments

Invest in a new or existing norwegian company and generate jobs in sectors such as IT data centers, Shipping, Oil & Gas, Green Energy, Seafood maritime etc.

Visa type

Business visas – C visa  / D visa / Residence permit

Processing time

1 month

Residence requirements


Permanent residence

After 3 years of continuous living

Norwegian citizenship

After 7 years of living through naturalization