Serbia is a land locked country connecting central and south eastern Europe. Serbia was a home to the biggest Greenfield projects in South East Europe  and has highly capable human capital and customs free access to 15% of the world market. Serbia signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU enabling exports of all products originating from Serbia without customs and other fees. Serbia is open to foreign direct investment, as the Government is offering financial and tax incentives to companies willing to invest in the country. The national currency is Serbian dinar (RSD) and Belgrade is the capital. Serbia has 15% corporate tax rate.

Investment name

Business investment scheme

Minimum investment


Qualifying investments

Desired business investment or entrepreneural activities in the following key sectors, plus creation of jobs

  • Automotive
  • BPO outsourcing
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Textile
  • Wood
  • Services

Visa type

Business visa

Permanent residence

After 5 years of living


After 3 years of uninterrupted residence through naturalization

Dual nationality