South Africa

South Africa is a key investment location, most sophisticated, diverse and promising emerging markets globally and economic powerhouse of African continent.  The country has abundant natural resources, such as precious metals (gold, coal, iron ore, uranium), world-class infrastructure, exciting innovation, research and development capabilities and an established manufacturing base. South Africa is fast becoming one of the most popular trade and investment destinations in the world.

Investment name

Business investment

Minimum investment

1 million rand ( approx $100,000)

Qualifying investments

Investments in sectors such as Mining, Metals, Outsourcing BPO, Information Technology (IT), Agro,  Chemical, Oil & Gas, Energy, Food, Medicine, Research (R&D)

Visa type

Business visa

Processing time

1 month

Permanent residence

After 5 years of living


After 8 years of living with PR status

Dual nationality

Restricted for naturalized citizens.